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Our Vision

We plan to place on average 200 nurses in care positions in Germany every year

Our Purpose

We help people (principally nurses) from Philippines  in getting placement of work and lead happier lives.

What we do

We provide qualified personnel at a reasonable cost for health organizations, hospitals, logistic companies and private households.

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Our Recruiting Process

  1. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae will be assessed and evaluated to see if he/she qualifies for a certain job.

  2. After evaluating the CVs of the applicant, those selected will be sent to the employer in Germany. If the employer is satisfied with the work experience, then a schedule will be arranged for an online interview.

  3. Once the interview is completed and the employer offers the applicant a position, upon agreement, the applicant will sign an employment contract from the employer.

  4. The employee will then begin German training to learn the language to the B2 level.

  5. On receiving documentation from the employee we will lodge the applicant’s work visa.  

  6. Processing will take one to two months, Applicant will be able to commence work on arrival to Germany.

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